At Hoeft Builders West, we believe personalized management of traditional construction practices leads to high quality buildings and delighted customers.

Why Hoeft Builders West

  • Turn-key services – construction manager soliciting bids for each division of the project
  • Expert knowledge and experience on numerous industrial and residential builds 
  • Pre-construction expertise that positively impacts costs, schedules, and risk  mitigation 
  • Schedule and budget certainty
  • Excellent working relationship with architects, engineers and subcontractors 
  • Strict onsite quality control
  • Ongoing, regular communication with all stakeholders on project advancements 
  • Two year warranty

Preconstruction Phase Approach

Hoeft Builders West’s early involvement minimizes costly surprises and allows you to ask what-if questions about budgeting, scheduling, materials, and design options prior to commencing work.  Local material and construction costs, structural alternatives, and mechanical and electrical systems can significantly impact the quality, cost, and timing of construction. By partnering with the design team at the earliest possible stage of the project, we use our experience to make the best value recommendations.

Design Program Review for Best Project Value

We seek innovative ways to enhance design, mitigate risks, and save money to enhance your build and maximize the best use of your budget. Working closely with design professionals and our own in house Associate AIA, mechanical and electrical subcontractors, and major systems suppliers, we collaborate to positively enhance the project and assist in prioritizing your needs.

Constructability Review to Streamline the Project

We use our team’s expertise to eliminate or reduce conflicts, and proactively resolve any potential inconsistencies in design documents before those documents are put out to bid. Hoeft Builders  West proactively involves our superintendents and major local subcontractors and suppliers in constructability analysis.  

Our approach includes early preparation of plans for risk analysis, construction materials flow, and site logistics. Using Hoeft Builders West’s well-established construction procedures, we identify the correct plan for this project, providing maximum safety and minimal disruption. We also identify materials compatible with adjacent surfaces and long-lead items that could impact the schedule, considering the time of year when the construction will be underway. 

Value Engineering /Cost Savings Approach

Value engineering and value analysis are continuous procedures that occur prior to and in conjunction with constructability reviews. We analyze a building component’s design from a  construction viewpoint with the goal of balancing performance and quality against initial and total life-cycle costs. This is a collaborative process that can result in cost-savings opportunities and aesthetic or performance enhancements without sacrificing quality. Hoeft Builders West works closely with an architect to ensure design integrity is maintained throughout value engineering and the entire project process. 

Safety Records/Approach

Hoeft Builders West continually stresses safety with our employees, our subcontractors, our  clients and their employees, and the general public. Our safety program includes ongoing training,  on-site evaluation and site-specific plans. We pre-plan, assess potential safety risks, and develop a  comprehensive safety program for each project. 

Quality Control

We pride our success and reputation on repeat customers and referrals. In this highly competitive industry, repeat business comes in only one way: excellent quality. Hoeft Builders West achieves excellent quality by ensuring that all levels of the construction process are managed onsite by a  qualified superintendent, and budgeting is managed from the office by a project manager. 

Subcontractor & Schedule Management, Progress Meetings, Project Reporting and Cost Reporting and Tracking

To ensure our projects remain on time and on budget, Hoeft Builders West uses the most comprehensive management tools. From the moment we begin meeting with a potential customer, we use an internal scope of services plan as a checklist to document the feasibility,  design/build, pre-construction, construction, post-construction, and warranty phases on every project. From there, we build a very detailed overall schedule. 

We also use an internet-based, real-time construction management program that allows us to share floor plans, files, and RFI’s with everyone involved in the project: the customer, the construction management team, subcontractors, architects, and engineers. This online tool includes a blueprint, punch list, and construction scheduling program that allows us to share up-to-date data with the whole team in seconds. In addition, we hold weekly progress meetings with the owner and the entire construction team. 

Project Completion, Follow up and Warranty

Hoeft Builders West works closely with the architect and/or engineer for project close-out items in order to achieve occupancy for the building. 

Once an occupancy permit is achieved for the completed project, Hoeft Builders West remains in contact as the customer moves into the new facility. We take building performance seriously and follow up with the subcontractors, our clients, and the architects to make sure their building is performing at the level it is designed for. Operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals are turned over to the customer and include a project contact list, construction warranties, product warranties, product manuals, and as-built drawings. On-site training will be provided at building closeout. We provide a 30-day warranty walkthrough, a follow up at 11 months, and a 2- year warranty. During these reviews, we follow up on any building and product performance issues.

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